Our Story

Lindon Engineering Services, Inc. has been providing Engineering Cost Analysis and Facility Management services to businesses with a need for more efficient operations since 2005. The initial product offering of the company involved cost segregation analysis that identified and quantified the cost of building components that would be reclassified to shorter lives, thus resulting in accelerated depreciation treatment. With the issuance of the repair regulations in 2013, the company developed and began offering asset disposition studies that allowed businesses to recover the unused depreciation cost of discarded, abandoned or demolished components. Both of these analysis products have created significant tax deductions or cash flow increases for our clients.

From the beginning, our primary target market has been automobile dealerships and related businesses; however, it was quickly noted that the principles of the engineering cost analysis functions were applicable to other business types including restaurants, apartment complexes, hotels, manufacturing facilities and most retailers. Our main emphasis was to acquaint CPA firms and other tax professionals with our services leading to engagements on a national scale and continuing with return business and referrals.

In 2015, we launched our Facilities Management Service that was aimed at providing our clients with business solution services including process improvements, increased operating efficiencies, space utilization/facility layouts, inventory control and construction management. This new facet to our business is intended to enhance our base product offerings and provide our clients with a single source of engineered problem solving and asset enhancement.

Our company prides itself on delivering quality results that typically exceeds our client’s expectations. This would not be possible without the professional and conscientious approach taken by our staff. Allow us to introduce ourselves and tell you some relevant things about each of us.